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Jan.17th-Apr 11th. Build your fluency through a myriad of relevant social activities such as our fun and popular Saturday ‘Cafes’, film screenings, wine tastings…Now you’re speaking out language!

Absolutely the best methodology for combining language instruction and cultural competency.

Dr. GarzaDirector of The Texas Language Center of The University of Texas at Austin

Freestyle expertly addresses one aspect of language learning that most schools in Austin totally miss… the conversation! They have so many opportunities available to practice conversation every week… If you are looking to expand your Spanish or French skills, THIS is the place!

Donna MotheiStudent

What great times we have there! Check out the imaginative venues for using Spanish at the Sat. cafe, Friday film nights, and conversation half hours sprinkled throughout the week…visit a class and see for yourself why Freestyle is all the rage.

Lisa R.Student

Beginner to Advanced: Meet Kristen!

As one of our all-star Spanish students, Kristen progressed from a total beginner to an advanced speaker who can hold a one-hour conversation. Listen to what she loves about Freestyle!

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Speak to a man in a language he understands and it goes to his head; speak to him in his own language and it goes to his heart.