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Summer Session:

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Build your fluency through a myriad of relevant social activities such as our fun and popular Saturday”Cafes”, film screenings, wine tastings…. Now you’re speaking our language!

Meet Kristen!

As one of our all-star Spanish students, Kristen progressed from a total beginner to an advanced speaker who can hold a one-hour conversation. Listen to what she loves about Freestyle!

Everyone Learns a Second Language
for a different reason

What’s your reason?


Showing off her Spanish at our Summer Trivia Game!


Uber-engaging Spanish teacher & community leader!


Brushing up on her h.s. French for frequent trips to France!


Dynamic prof. in the classroom & beyond! (Peru, anybody?)

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Speak to a man in a language he understands and it goes to his head; speak to him in his own language and it goes to his heart.