Welcome to the next installment of our #WhatsYourStory series, where we feature FLC’s biggest fans – the students themselves! Whether our students take classes at FLC for travel, work, brain workout or hobby purposes, each of them tells a unique story describing his or her language-learning journey.

For our next spotlight please meet one of our Spanish students, Jennifer Campbell. Hear her story about how learning another language helps with graduate school and her future career goals!

Freestyle welcomes students of all levels and backgrounds to grow through our model and curriculum. Although this may be Jennifer’s first class at Freestyle, she can now hold an intermediate-level conversation thanks to the refreshers in the ‘Recap’ course along with FLC’s social events – Magnífico !

Despite her busy graduate school schedule, you can still find Jennifer laughing in class or passing around her delicious flan! She makes language learning a priority and takes advantage of the varied FLC conversation opportunities such as our dynamic Saturday ‘cafes’ or our popular events which use language in everyday context. See her in action at Freestyle’s #Polyglot Potluck!

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story with us. We are grateful for your endless humor and enthusiasm that you bring to our community! The concept of #WhatsYourStory links back to Freestyle’s Manifesto. See why we appreciate our students’ different backgrounds and how we strive to support their passions to become bilingual, or why not #GoPolyglot!?


#WhatsYourStory ?! Whether you’ve taken classes at Freestyle or elsewhere in the world…we’d love to hear from you! Share your challenges, motivations, your tricks and tips, benefits and more!  Comment below and we’ll reach out to you!

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