Bienvenido to the next Spanish installment of our ongoing ‘Polyglot Austin’ blog series, where we celebrate the city’s cultural diversity while taking an interactive approach to language learning!

In this post we’re thrilled to introduce one of our favorite community partners: Gustavo Simplis, business owner of the very popular Esquina Tango. Learn more about Gustavo and Esquina Tango, while practicing your Spanish. Watch his videos below in Spanish!

About Esquina Tango

Since 2006, Esquina Tango has been a proud non-profit in the heart of East Austin, continuing to support local and international artists and top of the mark instructors. Esquina offers over 20 classes a week, fantastic cultural events, free programs for adults and children and by donation events, as well as an excellent volunteer program so no one is denied the privilege and joy of learning dance or a language. With an emphasis on Argentine and other Latin American traditions, Esquina Tango aims to foster personal wellness while promoting an appreciation for Latino cultures.

Practice your Spanish and interact with us here by challenging yourself with answers in Spanish to the questions below #LanguageChallenge #MissionAccomplished!

  1. Read the following short dialogues in Spanish (transcription) as a preview to the video (Note: First one for beginners, second more intermediate – Challenge yourself with both!)
  2. Hit play and stop to review as needed…
  3. REPEAT! Repetition: a key to language learning!

Beginner Level Dialogue and Video

Q: ¿Cómo te llamas? / A: Me llamo Gustavo Simplis.

Q: Y, ¿de dónde eres, Gustavo? / A: Soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Q: ¿Qué haces de trabajo? / A: Trabajo enseñando tango y español en Esquina Tango. Yo soy el director de este… esta organización sin fines de lucro.

#LanguageChallenge – Answer in Spanish below in comment section! 

El hombre del video ________ Gustavo Simplis.  ________ de Buenos Aires, Argentina, pero ahora ________ en Austin, Texas. ________ tango y español en Esquina Tango. También actúa como ________ de esta organización.

Listen to What Gustavo Loves About Tango!

Visit our amigos at Esquina

Tango or salsa anyone?! What a great way to get in your steps for the day or plan a fun date around! Check out Esquina Tango’s upcoming events and like them on Facebook. Hasta luego!

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