My Story

Originally from Cameroon, a bilingual country in Central Africa, Germaine grew up in
a family of teachers. As her father’s student and her mom’s teaching assistant (in 8th grade,
Germaine regularly helped her mom grade 4 to 6th-grade assignments), she grasped the
meaning of teaching very early and later transformed it into her own aspiration.
Germaine joined the teachers’ force in 2011.

After teaching for 4 years as a French Language teacher in Cameroonian secondary schools, she continued her journey in France in the pursuit of new ways of teaching the french language. She completed a Master’s in French linguistics and language acquisition with a focus on modern teaching methods in 2016 at the University of Rouen. Upon graduation, she held a position as a French Lecturer for a year at the same University. She later moved to Canada in 2018 and continued her passion for teaching with Government employees.

The greatest satisfaction, she said, has always been to help people move from one stage of their language learning process to a higher level of proficiency.

Germaine actually lives in McAllen with her family. She loves painting, watching
documentaries on Netflix, and tasting all king of pastries. She can’t wait to help you achieve
high fluency standards with FLC pedagogically sound curriculum and unnumbered
socio-cultural activities.

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