My Story

Hailing from Mexico City, Julio is currently finishing his MA in Spanish at Texas State University. He holds a bachelors degree in economics and has always had a passion for the social sciences. Julio moved to Austin in 2008, and without any previous experience with English, he had to dive into learning the language headfirst, as an adult. He knows about 2nd language acquisition challenges!

Learning any new language requires some commitment and dedication, but its rewards are many, including the ability to see life from a different perspective. As a child in México he always admired the foreigners who made the effort to speak Spanish. He hopes by teaching and sharing his native language with those interested in Spanish culture in the US, he can extend the same passion and excitement he witnessed during his early years back in México.

Whether you are learning a new language out of necessity or for the fun of it, just imagine the new world of possibilities! And it begins…Con la comunicación hablada.

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