My Story

Kaitlin is happy to be joining Freestyle’s roster of fellow polyglots for the Fall 2018 Session! She brings her own love of learning foreign language to the table, and speaks Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. Kaitlin is a second-year PhD student at UT Austin, and specializes in Latin American Literature, Art, and Performance, as well as Foreign Language Education. She is excited to join the Freestyle community for its commitment to natural language learning and real results.

Kaitlin holds a BA in Spanish and French, and received an MA from Auburn University in Latin American Literatures and Cultures. Showing her spontaneous nature, at that time she accepted a position teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in Taipei, Taiwan where she lived for nearly four years instead of the intended one year. This extended adventure allowed her to gain conversational proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, and fostered her love for learning foreign cultures and for surprising herself! She eventually decided it was time to get back on the career path, and was delighted to accept a spot in her first-choice PhD program at UT. Teaching is her favorite part of her role there, and she cannot wait to meet you and share her passions for foreign language and opening borders!

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