My Story

Patrick, another multi-lingual language-lover joins our Team!  After completing an MA in Spanish Linguistics, Patrick is now a doctoral candidate in Spanish Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin where he studies the linguistic changes underway in Texan Spanish (how cool is that?!)  At UT,  Patrick quickly discovered a passion for teaching, his favorite part of the doctoral program!

Patrick‘s affinity for languages began in middle-school when he started studying Russian. After winning the New York State Championship of spoken Russian and taking two trips to Russia, Patrick realized he loved studying languages in general, leading him to learn Spanish.  A semester in Madrid solidified his love for Spanish language and culture, thus jump-starting his future in Spanish and linguistics.

Patrick looks forward to bringing not only his expertise but his dynamic language-learning energy into his classes and events at FLC, where it all comes together.  He loves to help his students progress toward proficiency!

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