Freestyle Language Center brings its unique, professionally designed and proven curriculum completely 100% online to offer flexibility of time / place to language learners who not only have solid goals of proficiency and fluency but who wish to connect to a community of engaged language and culture lovers !

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How Does This Work?

Course Structure

AuRevoir and Adios ! to old school classrooms and textbooks. Over the 6-week course (Jan. 29th-Mar. 12th), students will have the opportunity to set their own pace and timing (can we get a halle-LU-jah?!) through the weekly ‘out-of-class’ portion which then leads to the dynamic LIVE Online Forum led and formulated by the instructor.

Digital Course Materials

Access to custom FLC curriculum which includes varied interactive grammar presentations,  numerous guided supplemental activities, downloadable audio files, and more!

LIVE Chats and Community

Participate in a weekly 90 minute LIVE Online Forum with your teacher as active practice on new material. Speak Spanish and bring your questions and cultural curiosities while connecting with our community. Plus! Fun opportunities to practice further with native speakers in other countries!

Weekly Videos

Students will receive a weekly email with a video tutorial on both the best way to approach that week’s guided modules AND language learning tips from your instructor

Authentic Materials and Everyday Vocabulary

Interactive learning through authentic materials (i.e., those created for people in the country of the target language). Students learn a wide variety of everyday themes in culturally rich contexts…win/win for language and culture!

See What They’re Saying!

I would say the community has been even better than some of my classes I have had in person! I used to just hear bits and pieces. Now I can understand whole conversations AND actually be able to respond.

CarolynAustin, TX

I don't think one could find a program anywhere (at any price)---from academic sources to "Free Apps"-- that simultaneously: (1) Gets the "job done" r.e. the basics of useful grammar & vocab (2) Builds a sense of community, i.e., learners sharing the experience of learning together…

AndrewAustin, TX

I really liked the online curriculum, and thought it tapped into reading, and listening, and speaking in the LIVE.

WylinSan Antonio, TX

Our teacher was absolutely wonderful! Love her!

LauraAustin, TX

What We Do NOT Do

We don’t spend class time lecturing and explaining grammar and vocabulary. We don’t send students home to apply the new rules to often culturally-empty exercises on their own. We don’t waste time taking exams (why again… take exams when we could use that time practicing & actually speaking?).

What We Do

Instead, we  offer the newest developments in language instruction using the highly popular  ‘Flipped Classroom’ model – creating a productive student centered approach.  We interactively guide students to view, listen and actively engage in a variety of lessons based on authentic materials during that time ‘out of class’ / on their own.  Students then participate in the weekly LIVE Online Forum with their instructors and peers to practice the language in context, using high-frequency everyday language.

Spring 2019 Courses

Brush Off That High School and College Spanish!

6 Week Session | Jan. 29th-Mar. 12th | LIVE Online Forum Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm 

**MAX capacity 12 students – filling fast!

Build Fluency Today!

Spanish Recap

Level Note: Get the best review of our beginner sequence courses — Spanish I(A), I(B), II(A), and II(B), or the equivalent of 1+ years of college-level instruction — in an entirely new, culturally relevant context and format, through the hit telenovela Celia!

Objectives: Build proficiency in all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) with the 5th skill, cultural competency- naturally, with an emphasis on speaking! Brush off that high school and college Spanish while preparing for our intermediate/advanced series.

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Originally $550


Lina Franco

Online Spanish Instructor

This just in! Lina, an FLC teacher living in COLOMBIA, will teach this course! ``See`` her wonderful country, speak Spanish and learn to appreciate Colombian, Cuban, & Mexican accents/dialects. She cannot wait to help you on your language learning journey!