FLC’s Hybrid Model

Welcome to TeamFLC’s hybrid model, our response to the COVID-19 situation: experience success with our professionally designed, proven curriculum via our online platform and our dynamic, face-to-face virtual classes! 5+ years in the making, we’ve created a true online community: the magic that makes it all work at FLC.

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How it works:

  1. Each week, watch your PRE-class video lesson (created by #TeamFLC) detailing the essential new structure(s) for that week’s 2 upcoming LIVE face-to-face sessions. This semi ‘flipped’ format will guide your initial understanding of new concepts – central to our conversation practice of it during the LIVE face-to-face classes. Learners’ preparation, as in all flipped models, will be critical to our communicative model. Bridge the Gap towards fluency with our online curriculum platform to easily keep up with the class lessons!

2. Students meet in our Zoom Pro ‘virtual classrooms’ for face-to-face instruction. Follow along as our instructor guides you through culturally-rich activities designed to promote one’s speaking and listening skills. With features such as break-out discussion rooms, the interactive whiteboard, file sharing, etc., our ‘virtual classroom’ offers benefits you hadn’t dreamed of – online! 

Saturday ‘Cafe’, also takes place in our ‘virtual classroom’, where language truly comes to life. Activities, games, convo, oh my! #TeamFLC knows that those students who attend regularly see amazing progress – and we can’t wait to show all the some progress online!  ‘Cafe’ differs slightly from our weekday courses: while these dynamic conversation groups don’t follow a set curriculum, they’re ideal for letting the language wash over you and for practicing what you’ve learned that week (and whatever else you want to learn in our #student-driven portion!) in rich cultural context.

*Bring your coffee (and bright positive attitudes that we love about our community!) and we’ll see you there! 

Pronunciation Workshops

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A note on ‘which’ Spanish: FLC created the Spanish Pronunciation Workshops for the global Spanish learner. While our videos primarily feature our teacher Oscar, who hails from Mexico, the general trend in Spanish programs throughout the U.S. (ours included) is to teach a generalized variety of Latin American Spanish based on the most commonly shared linguistic features across Latin America. Usually, we teach the sounds of dialects spoken in the highland areas of countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. Such dialects generally lack highly distinctive sounds like the “th” in Spain, or the “zh” in Argentina – however! We frequently address these regional accent nuances in our videos and in our classes. Overall, our Spanish workshops not only help you learn about the different Spanish sounds, but our multi-media approach actually helps you practice them so that you can improve your accent ‘pronto’!

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Practice pronunciation and uncover the nuances and lyricism of spoken French, Spanish and Italian. Have fun and increase your confidence speaking on your own time in this 100% online workshop! Team FLC’s approach uses authentic multi-media, including videos, audio, & more!

The cross fit of language…strengthening the core, beyond grammars and structures, and even culture, a refreshed focus on pronunciation brings you closer to speaking like a native speaker.

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Bridge the Gap! With Our Online Curriculum Platform

Bridge the Gap* between the time you have in class and the time needed to reach your fluency goals!

*via Teachable, our online curriculum platform

Did you know…? ACTFL proficiency guidelines state that basic intermediate-level speaking skills require 700+ hours of language learning / input. Voila! We’ve designed our game-changing online curriculum platform to help you ‘Bridge the Gap’ between the time you have in class and the time needed to reach proficiency!

Learn & reinforce all four language skills (speaking, reading, listening, writing) using our weekly handouts (with answer keys!), supplemental grammar exercises, flashcards for all beginner courses, quizzes, and our students’ favorite: audio files 🎧!

With you wherever you go! For students enrolled in our ‘core’ classes, your online course materials (just $19 upon registration) come with lifetime access. Keep up with your classmates when missing class, while traveling, etc. Not to mention, it’s less expensive and greener than a textbook (!) PLUS check out our Pronunciation Workshops!

Access our entire curriculum! Did you know?! You can access each FLC course via our online platform Teachable! Need to review other levels? Get your ‘prerequisite’ or the entire series! This best practices recommendation will set you and the class at large on similar footing in order to maximize speaking, language results! Not taking a class with us in person? You can still access these great materials! While not intended solely for self study, brush up on your foundational skills before / following a session with Team FLC. Contact us with any questions about which levels to purchase!

Not enrolled in FLC? No problem! Bridge the Gap with lifetime access to all of our course materials for your skill level – just $49.