Lunch & Learn: Free French Workshop

Thurs., Oct. 29th 12 – 1 pm CST

Research-backed language learning – the Freestyle way! 

Who: For adult French language learners of all levels, complete beginner to advanced. Are you wanting to get started or are you ready to take your French to the next level? Join our professionally trained #TeamFLC teachers for a mini-lesson in language & culture!

What: a #FREE Interactive Workshop where you will learn relevant, everyday French as we experience it through authentic culturally-rich materials and dynamic virtual language-learning tools.

Where: Online, in our Zoom ‘Pro’ Virtual Classroom! #TeamFLC will showcase why our model is proven to get all levels of learners speaking, while having fun with language and culture!

Why: Le français est… an official language of 29 countries spanning 5 continents, spoken by over 220 million people (and quickly counting!), one of the two working languages of NATO – we could go on and on! #LevelUp in the COVID economy with a professional and personal life-changing skill. No matter your goals, our model is proven to get you there!

What Will I Learn?

Take a ‘virtual trip’ with us! By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to – en français – navigate directions, have a conversation with restaurant staff, and order from a (real!) menu while uncovering critical cultural dynamics that affect your experiences, too!

You’ll learn travel-themed French that is not only highly useful for travel (post Covid?) but for connecting in everyday language no matter where you live.

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