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Why Should I Learn Spanish with Freestyle?

Our mission: to connect people through language! How? With an effective, fun, and proven model which features an innovative curriculum and frequent interactive opportunities to practice speaking in relevant contexts.

Increase your cultural currency and learn Spanish as it’s truly spoken!

Our secret sauce? #TeamFLC: dedicated, professionally trained language instructors guide students through our culturally rich ‘authentic materials’ (i.e. those made by native Spanish speakers for other native speakers) and interactive activities to help students start speaking right away! Add our student favorites: Saturday ‘Cafes’, field trips & events taking language outside of the classroom – an essential part of your learning journey!

Studies show second language acquisition requires meaningful interaction and opportunities for spontaneous expression. Students don’t benefit from tedious grammatical exercises, but in fact learn a foreign language better when they engage in relevant, everyday communication. *Don’t get us wrong, we use plenty of grammar! We excel, however, in making it do-able and fun, taking away the stress often experienced in traditional models.

Build fluency while having FUN! Our community of engaged adult learners shares your passion for language and culture.

Join us for any of our ‘cafes’, bilingual wine tastings (#winethegreatfluencybuilder), polyglot museum tours, foreign film screenings, and more to see language come to life!

Which Level Is Right for Me?

We offer multiple levels – for the complete beginner to the advanced speaker! Find the closest level which matches your experience with our NEW online quizzes!

Take the quiz for beginner series placement (Spanish I(A), Spanish I(B), Spanish II(A), & Spanish II(B))

In between beginner and intermediate? Take the quiz to see if you’re ready for early intermediate! (Spanish ‘Recap’)

Take the quiz for intermediate series placement (Spanish III(A), Spanish III(B), Spanish IV(A), & Spanish IV(B))

*Please note, your best level fit is the one where you can speak confidently about the various vocabulary themes and grammar structures! Being ‘familiar’ with concepts often does not translate to the ability to hold fluid conversations using them. Our learners are ready for the next level when they can speak about the current themes in that class!

You can view all of our entire course line-up with our Spanish Course Descriptions. Then, schedule a free trial of any one of our ongoing courses to meet the teacher and discuss options. Or, simply call (888-982-4652) and email us here:

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Spanish Course Descriptions At a Glance:

Beginner Series: I(A), I(B), II(A), II(B) & ‘Recap / Refresher’ I & II

Spanish Recap ONLINE

Intermediate Series: III(A), III(B), IV(A) & IV(B)

Advanced Series: Spanish V(A), V(B) & V(C)

Online Classes

We’re bringing our unique, professionally designed and proven curriculum to you via our online platform and our dynamic, face-to-face virtual classes! 5+ years in the making, we’ve created a true online community: the magic that makes it all work at FLC.

All classes are being held entirely online in response to the COVID-19 situation. Experience our virtual classroom with a free trial – schedule yours today!

Virtual Classrooms? Tell me more!

Course Structure / Schedule

Learn Spanish year round! Join us for Spring Session (12 weeks), May Immersion Workshops (3 weeks of immersion with a theme: travel prep and leisure), Summer Session (8 weeks), Fall Session (12 weeks), and December Immersion Workshops (2 weeks of immersion with a theme: cultural traditions around the world).

Our courses meet Monday and Wednesday evenings (exact time depending on level) in addition to Saturday mornings from 11 am to 12:30 pm for Saturday ‘Cafes’!

Can’t make every class? ¡No te preocupes! We host our entire curriculum (weekly handouts with answer keys, supplemental grammar exercises, audio files, quizzes, & flashcards) on Teachable, our online curriculum platform.

See why Chelsea loves taking advantage of our year-round offerings!

View Our Current Session Schedule!

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FLC offers a wide range of language learning options, from Saturday Cafe drop-ins to exclusively online courses and course materials. We’re here to help you reach your language goals!

Hear what our students are saying

“The teaching methodology, which balances "text-book" style lessons with both practical and cultural knowledge, has helped me learn more than I could have expected to learn in this short of a time. Beyond this however, what I enjoy most about Freestyle is its emphasis on cultural immersion and community.”

RobertFrench Student

“I love how FLC uses film, literature, music (including karaoke!) and technology, but above all, the teachers, staff and students are amazing.”

JimSpanish Student

“Quality teachers, year round classes, & a unique curriculum all make language learning at Freestyle a success.”

KaylaFrench Student

“Students are from all demographics and backgrounds. Freestyle is the best place to go without having to go back to college. I can't get enough of Freestyle!”

RaquelSpanish Student

“Having fun is the key here and learning is always a pleasure.”

MichaelItalian Student

“The curriculum and teaching style at FLC is well suited to adult learners. I especially love the emphasis on learning via cultural media, like French music & movie trailers, which make me feel connected to the real world rather than learning in a vacuum.”

LizFrench Student