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Learn how and why so many FLC students go from complete beginner to advanced, meet our pedagogically trained #TeamFLC teachers, and register with our Open House deal! PLUS! Get all the details on our LIVE face-to-face virtual classes and innovative, culturally-rich curriculum.

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Great school and teachers. You'll learn the language. There's no pressure and students are made to feel relaxed. I've been a student at Freestyle for years and look forward to each class and Saturday cafe.

The entire experience feels intimate/personal, like a community. It helped me open up, and actually practice speaking to others without being too insecure.

What I like most is the breakout rooms and the convenience. I honestly feel like we get more speaking time with the breakout rooms and each person gets a chance to speak in every class.

Not having the stress of grades makes learning a language so much better for me! The FLC environment is the least stressed I have ever been in a class and it helps keep it enjoyable.

FLC has been such a joy in my life. Even as a lifelong Francophile, I have been amazed at how much I never knew about the language and the culture. FLC teachers and the methodology have taught me so much!

We smile and laugh a lot in class, it's a really positive atmosphere that allows for us to try, make mistakes, learn and feel good about it all!

I am loving the heck out of our class and learning so much! It is incredible to be having super interesting and thought provoking conversations en español cada semana!

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Speak To A Man In A Language He Understands And It Goes To His Head; Speak To Him In His Own Language And It Goes To His Heart.