*For the complete beginner or those with up to 1 semester of experience. Together, I(A) and I(B) deliver the foundational concepts and skills required for our L1 monthly theme-based options. 

French I(A): While this course follows a standard curriculum for the complete beginner, you will learn and experience language the way it’s truly spoken! By the end of this class, you will be able to: greet and introduce yourself, have basic conversations (in the present) about your family, work & home, and express preferences, such as likes and dislikes in hobbies and activities, in addition to other critical everyday language. Learning all the necessary structures along the way, you’ll engage with these themes through culturally-rich authentic materials.

French I(B): This course is for those students who have taken French I (A), or for those who have had some exposure to French, typically 20-30 hours, or up to one semester. The course will begin with a review, while students continue to learn language the way it’s truly spoken! By the end of this class, students will be able to speak about everyday themes such as emotions, food, cooking, weather, and daily routines in the present and in the simple past. Learning all the necessary structures along the way, students will engage with these themes through culturally-rich authentic materials.

*Available in two levels: L1 and L2.  L1: best for upper elementary learners, or those with at least 1 year of experience. L2: best for early intermediate learners, or those with ~2+ years experience. 

Deepen your language (and culture!) skills through relevant topics, meaningful to you! Through this focused approach, learners will actively engage in weekly activities whether asynchronously (your own time, your own pace! See below for details) or synchronously (meeting online & face-to-face with fellow learners and your teacher 1, 2 or 3x per week in our ‘virtual classroom’).

Each theme-based course includes:

  • Weekly prep lesson videos (our critical #flippedlearning component for online success), in which our FLC-trained professional teachers guide you into understanding the most essential vocabulary and relevant structures needed to learn the weekly theme!
  • Recordings of our live, face-to-face classes
  • Interactive video ‘dialogues’ which model real language (think slang, cultural tips, etc.) and relevant, specific dialogues as they offer opportunities to improve listening skills through the corresponding transcriptions
  • Flashcards offering games, audio, and more for practice to commit these new words to memory
  • A ‘Mini Mission’ opportunity for YOU to practice what you’ve just learned on our interactive platform where TeamFLC is waiting to help you! If speaking is your ultimate goal, these engaging steps will help to get you there!
  • Interactive Quiz / Assessments: see how much you’ve learned (hint: a fun way to sneak in more practice!)
  • Community (we can’t stress this enough!) – as an asynchronous leaner, our team engages with your comments, questions and posts via Padlet, our student discussion forum
  • Exclusive invites to our monthly events to practice your language speaking! 

Asynchronous:*For L1 or L2 level learners who can’t meet for live, face-to-face classes in our ‘virtual classroom’, try our asynchronous option which includes all of the materials listed above!  

2020 – 2021 Themes:

  • Travel-themed: Your Passport to the World!
  • Food-themed: Define Your Cultural Palette
  • Arts & Entertainment – themed: New Age Renaissance!

Subscription options to fit any language learner’s schedule!

Based on Freestyle’s successful flipped online model, all types of learners can now engage with our weekly themed videos along with our proprietary online content to gain confidence speaking!  Join for any # of months, as you improve your speaking skills and cultural competency at any level within a true community of learners. #connectingpeoplethroughlanguage

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