Meet this session’s Community Partner, Cine Las Americas!

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Saturday Cafes, a cornerstone of our program, truly propel our language learners to proficiency! These 1.5 hr. conversation sessions offer interactive cultural opportunities to really engage and practice the language.   Students who take advantage of this part of our model experience what it’s like to go from complete beginner to intermediate and advanced speakers!

Each ‘Cafe’, fun yet laid back in nature, offers 3 essential elements:

  1. Simple Conversation. – “How is your weekend” “How are you feeling” etc.
  2. Always ’student driven’ – This means this is YOUR opportunity to ask questions / delve deeper about what you’ve learned during the week or what interests you.
  3. Teacher-led activity – Our teachers always prepare a fun engaging way to inspire language and culture!

Meet Barbara and learn how Saturday ‘cafes’ played a major role in her journey from complete beginner to advanced Spanish speaker!

Join us for a FREE TRIAL! of our highly popular student favorite, Saturday ‘cafes’!

Take place each Saturday in a session
Spring Session Cafes: Sat. Jan 26th – April 13th • No cafe March 23rd (Spring Break)
11:00 a.m. -12:30 pm
’Cafes’ held at our school location : 801 Rio Grande
***April 13th cafe will be held at The Contemporary Austin

We bring the coffee and treats  – you bring the ‘dough’!  Your  $1-3 coffee donation goes towards our chosen charity of the session!  Or take a mug and donate $15. All help our community partner!

Saturday “Cafe” Package Deals

Spanish, French & Italian

12 Week Session CafesUp to $60 Savings!

$ 325

for all 11 Saturdays
  • $205
    Any 7 Saturdays in one session
  • $35
    for one Saturday drop-in
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8 Week Session CafesUp to $40 savings!

$ 205

all 7 Saturdays
  • $120
    Any 4 Saturdays in one session
  • $35
    one Saturday drop-in
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Immersion Workshop Cafes$15 savings!

$ 90

May Immersion: all 3 Saturday Cafes
  • $35
    Dec. or May: one Saturday drop-in
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This Session’s Community Partner

We love collaboration within the Atx community!  This spring we’re proud to feature the amazing organization Cine Las Americas, truly affecting change in the world! Each Saturday during a session, we bring the coffee and treats, students bring the ‘dough’ for a small donation to our community partner.  A few dollars each Saturday – OR buy a mug for $15 and get coffee on us for the session!

Cine Las Americas is a multicultural organization that offers cultural experiences and business opportunities for Latinos in film and media arts, and brings media arts education to minority youth in Austin. While the international film festival seeks to become an institution in the international film business and trade, fostering multi-national film production, and accessing emerging markets and diverse audiences, Cine Las Americas remains a community oriented Media Arts Center, offering diverse opportunities for culture, education and fun!

Cine Las America’s 22nd Annual Cine Las Americas International Film Festival is scheduled for May 1 – 5, 2019 in Austin, TX!

Your small donation at each ‘cafe’ will go toward supporting this nonprofit and the great work they do! Caffeinated language learning  – while making a difference in the world, what’s not to love?!
 #GoPolyglot #GoGlobal