Moving language-learning into the 21st century: au revoir to the old-school texts and classrooms!

Trails: a dynamic online platform to complement our in-person classes and innovative curriculum for the most solid language-learning route to proficiency & fluency!

FLC’s in-house developed innovative curriculum, featuring authentic materials, comes to life on Trails. Students not only will have access to all materials when /if missing classes, but each trail offers helpful extra exercises, resources, and our students’ favorite: sound files. C’est magnfique!


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Trails Online Learning

$ 39.95

per session
  • Entire course curriculum, with extra exercises, resources and sound files
  • ‘Pronunciation videos’, made and curated by our teachers
  • ‘Idiomatic Expressions’ which offer a multitude of expressions used in context with a sound file (!)
  • FLC’s ‘Language-Learning’ Hacks
  • and more!

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Students who purchase the course Trail (just $39.95 for the session), receive extra BONUS TRAILS which offer essential language-learning tools: ‘Pronunciation videos’, made and curated by our teachers, ‘Idiomatic Expressions’ which offer a multitude of expressions used in context with a sound file (!), FLC’s ‘Language-Learning’ Hacks, and more!

$39.95 covers the length of the course. For additional Trails access beyond the current course, students can pay $9.95 (available the last two weeks of the current session and after)