FALL: Advanced French Through the News & Media

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Monday & Wednesday | 6:15pm-7:30pm CST | Sep. 9th – Nov. 30th

*Includes Saturday Cafes*

Advanced French through The News & Media

Le Français à travers l’actualité, la presse et les médias 


Improve your French fluency around a wide-array of global topics!
While actively exploring the most current events of the French-speaking world, get a thorough review of the most essential French grammar.   Delve into the pressing current topics and actively engage in the news yourself through a multimedia approach.  Improve your speaking skills as well as your reading and close-listening skills. 

In this Newsdesk / Roundtable type format, the teacher takes the role of guide / mediator in this student-driven course.  

FLC invites you to: present and report on your personal interests, record your own voice / audio ‘news summaries’ and/or create vocabulary templates for others on your ‘area’ including but not limited to such weekly themes as: 

  • La planète: l’environnement et le changement climatique
  • Le système politique: les dirigeants, les élections et les partis politiques
  • La voix du peuple: les syndicats et les manifestations
  • La religion: la laicité, la liberté de culte, l’extrémisme religieux
  • L’immigration: le racisme et la montée de l’extrême-droite
  • La santé: la sécurité sociale, la gestion de la pandémie COVID-19
  • Le complotisme: des vaccins à la Terre plate 
  • La vie dans la rue: les SDF et la précarité sociale

*Please note, this course has an advanced speaking level requirement: A prerequisite of FLC “V” series or the equivalent 3-4+ years academic study, plus an oral proficiency placement assessment with the teacher (at Open House, first class trial, etc.) To get the most out of your language learning, ‘Bridge the Gap’* with our game-changing online curriculum. While these online materials are now required with your core course registration, we’re proud to offer our entire innovative & dynamic content, now for $19 for lifetime access.

Access to FULL curriculum will be available first day of the session. 


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