FALL: French IV(A)

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Monday & Wednesday | 7:30pm-8:45pm | Sep. 4th – Nov. 20th

*Includes Saturday Cafes*

Molière, 2007. The film is set in the mid 17th-century when the French playwright Molière returns to Paris following time spent in debtor’s prison to perform in the theatre Monsieur, the King’s brother, has given him and incorporates scenes from Molière’s most famous pièces, or plays. Students will discuss the historical material on which the film is based through our custom curated vocabulary modules such as l’époque: le cour du roi (the royal court), la politique (politics), la poésie poetry), as well as l’humour et la tragédie (humor and tragedy). The following grammar presentations will aid students in discussing the film’s topics: review of the passé du conditionnelsi clauses, and the plus-que-parfait; the concordance des temps; the futur antérieur (the future past); the subjonctif vs. l’infinitif, and more practice with l’interrogatifconjunctions that require the use of the subjunctive; review of the imperfect tense; the pluperfect indicative, review interrogative pronouns.

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