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Monday & Wednesday| 6:15pm – 7:30pm | Jan. 23rd – April 17th

*Includes Saturday Cafes*

This course begins with a review of the main grammar points covered in the previous course. Students of French II (B) will learn how to navigate le subjonctif, comparing two or more objects using the comparative and superlative form of adjectives, ask questions using interrogative pronouns, and impersonal expressions such as Il faut. The course will cover the savoir vsconnaître distinction, the irregular –re verbs suivreand vivre, as well as talking about future actions using the future tense (le futur). Students will supplement their grammatical structures with vocabulary modules such as la mode, la forme, e la santé (fashion, the body, and health), les études (school and studies), as well as la vie professionnelle (work and professions). Throughout the course, students will gain ample communicative practice through various exercises centered upon the trailer for the film Hors de Prix (Pierre Salvadori, 2006).


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