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Monday & Wednesday| 7:30pm – 8:45pm | Jan. 23rd – April 17th

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Le Dîner de Cons, 1998. Every week, a wealthy Parisian businessman invites his friends to a dinner party, where all guests must bring an “idiot” for other guests to ridicule before selecting a “champion idiot”. Le Dîner de Cons is a touching laugh-riot of a film. A curated list of vocabulary modules will enrich grammatical lessons and guide students’ exploration of the film’s topics: les amours et les relations amicales (love and friendships), les habitations (types of homes), and le finances et les métiers (finance and professions). In our discussions of the film we will incorporate the following grammatical structures: a review of the imperfect and passé composé; the future tensethe conditional and subjunctive moods, proper pronoun order, as well as asking and answering questions.


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