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Monday & Wednesday | 6:15pm – 7:30pm | Jan. 23rd – April 17th

*Includes Saturday Cafes*

Through the course’s four units, students will become familiar with social movements, trends, and civil rights throughout the Spanish speaking world. “Unit 1” covers “La movida madrileña” Spanish counterculture movement since Spain’s transition to democracy after the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. In “Unit 2” students will discuss feminism and great feminist figures through the topic of “Ni sumisas, ni obedientes: mujeres libres e independientes”. “Unit 3” will familiarize students with issues of money, politics, and power in Latin America through the “Escándalos y corrupción” module. Finally, “Unit 4” will discuss the politics of music through the module “Hipsterlandia (o la reapropriación de la música urbana).


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