SUMMER: French I(B)

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Monday & Wednesday | 6:15pm – 7:30pm | June 1st – July 22nd

*Includes Saturday ‘Cafes!’

This course is for those students who have taken French I (A), or for those who have had some exposure to their target language, typically 20-30 hours or up to one semester. The course will begin with a review of French I (A), and furthers students’ familiarity with the present tense indicative of -ir and -re verb conjugations. Students proceed to vocabulary themes such as the la nourriture (food), la ville (the city), and les fêtes (holidays and special occasions). Students will reinforce grammar points such as the present, past (le passé composé), and imperfect (l’imparfait) tenses; direct and indirect object pronouns, relative pronouns, and demonstrative adjectives will also be covered. Students will practice these vocabulary and grammar topics through exercises paired with with the trailer for the film Comme un Chef (Daniel Cohen, 2012).

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