SUMMER: Spanish III(A)

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Monday & Wednesday | 7:30pm – 8:45pm | June 3rd-July 24th

*Includes Saturday Cafes*

Volver , 2006. Pedro Almodóvar’s tells the story of an eccentric family living in Spain’s wind-swept La Mancha region. Raimunda, a working-class woman, must go to great lengths to protect her daughter, Paula; Raimunda’s mother comes back from the dead to tie up loose ends. A curated list of vocabulary modules will enrich grammatical lessons and guide students’ exploration of the film’s cultural and linguistic material: Spanish cinema and the career of Pedro Almodóvar, contemporary history and traditions of Spain and La Mancha, flamenco, regional expressions, and crime and justice. In discussions of the film students will incorporate the following grammatical structures: a review of the preterite; the recent past using acabar de; reviewing the future and near future; expressions with tener; the conditional, the imperfect, and the pluperfect; object pronouns and superlatives.


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