SUMMER: Spanish V(A)

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Monday & Wednesday | 7:30pm – 8:45pm | June 3rd-July 24th

*Includes Saturday Cafes*

Through the course’s four units, students will become familiar with the great (and sometimes scandalous!) figures in this history of the Spanish speaking world. “Unit 1” covers famous speeches and discourses throughout history, with particular attention paid to Fidel Castro and Evo Morales. In “Unit 2” students will discuss urban art, bloggers, and popular icons such as Yoani Sánchez and Condorito. Explore the “bad boys and girls” of popular music in “Unit 3 with songs from Calle 13 and Rita Indiana Hernández. “Unit 4” focuses on the “glocal” (global + local) aspect of Hispanic Culture in Austin, TX through students’ final presentations and a social activity!


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$212.50 every 2 weeks for 4 weeks

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