Join us on Saturdays for coffee + language learning!


Learn more about this session’s current Community Partner / Saturday Cafe Beneficiary, Whole Planet Foundation, below!

JOIN US! A Student Favorite, 'Cafes' Take Place Each Saturday in a Session (and are included in the cost of your core registration)!

Fall Session Cafes: September 7th  – November 16th

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 pm  •  801 Rio Grande Street

We bring the coffee and treats  – you bring the ‘dough’!  Your  $3-5 coffee donation goes towards our chosen charity of the session!  Or donate $20 for mug w/ coffee for session. All help our community partner!

About Saturday Cafes...

Saturday Cafes, a cornerstone of our program, truly propel our language learners to proficiency! These 1.5 hr. conversation sessions offer interactive cultural opportunities to really engage and practice the language. Bonus! They’re included with registration of core course. Students regularly go from complete beginner to being able to hold 1 hour conversations, and our ‘cafe’ is at the heart of the model!

Each ‘Cafe’, fun yet laid back in nature, offers 3 essential elements:

  1. Relevant, everyday conversation – “How was your weekend?” “What are your plans for tonight?” Engage in organic, spontaneous conversations with your peers to improve speaking skills and build confidence in what you know!
  2. ‘Student driven’ questions – This is YOUR opportunity to ask questions about / delve deeper into concepts that interest you.
  3. Culturally rich, teacher-led activity – Walk away from cafe with newfound cultural knowledge! Our teachers always prepare a fun engaging way to inspire language and culture!


Meet Barbara and learn how Saturday ‘cafes’ played a major role in her journey from complete beginner to advanced Spanish speaker!

“You really start talking more and more in cafes. There is no fear to speak because everyone in class is motivated to learn. It’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay to learn – because we’re all learning and growing together.”

Saturday Cafe Options

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$35 for 1 cafe drop-in

Or save $40 to $60 with our Saturday Cafe package DEALS!

$325 for 11 Saturdays ∙ $205 for 7 Saturdays

Community Partner

Founded in 2005, Whole Planet Foundation is a Whole Foods Market® foundation that funds poverty alleviation worldwide where the company sources products.

The nonprofit’s mission is to empower the world’s poorest people with microcredit and the chance to create or expand a home-based business and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. As of September 2018, Whole Planet Foundation is alleviating poverty through microfinance partners in the United States and 74 other countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. To date, the nonprofit has disbursed $75 million dollars through microlending partners worldwide, funding 3.3 million microloans and 18 million opportunities for a better life for microentrepreneurs and their family members.

Beyond ‘cafe’, check out other opportunities to get involved:

Coming up: Party with a Purpose!

Celebrating 15 years of empowering people through microcredit!
October 25th, 6:00 – 9:30 pm
Get involved today – join the volunteer list for this event!
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