“Learn How Our 3-Week May Immersion Workshops Propel Adult Learners of All Levels to Proficiency in Spanish, French, and Italian!”

With Elizabeth Mack, Founder and Executive Director of FLC; Mackenzie Griffin, Marketing Manager at FLC; & Katie Warner, Founder and Owner of Lucid Routes

What You’ll Learn:

• How you can build fluency in Spanish, French, and Italian
• The structure of the 3 week workshop (including weekly ‘virtual trips’!)
• How our online model works for you
Exactly what you can expect from your course
• Grab our remarkable deal and SAVE

See what FLC students are saying!

Learning in the Immersion way really got me more conversational, more confident.

Linda, Italian

This course helped a lot - it was different at first. I wasn't used to the structure of the class but it was very effective and really pushed me to get outside my comfort zone - in a good way!"

Hillary, Spanish

What I like most is the breakout rooms and the convenience. I honestly feel like we get more speaking time with the breakout rooms and each person gets a chance to speak in every class.

Marlene, Spanish

Immersion workshops are like being immersed in the country...but with training wheels!

John, Italian

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